Welcome to the Palo Alto Parent Blog. Here I share whatever interesting materials that I came across while trying to stretches the minds of my elementary school aged kids.
The materials are a mix of Classics, History, STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math), and Chinese. The emphasis is to find things that are both fun and challenging.

The Magic Tree House Series by Mark Kay Osborne is great. It has all these adventures by 2 kids to all the historical places and travel through time. It offers adventure as well as insight to history.

I especially like the audiobooks for the long car rides. The stores are in 30 min length and are very easy and fun to listen to. Keep the kids quiet and mommy sane!

This series is also available in Chinese. It’s a pretty good deal since for the same price, you get the chinese version in the 1st half of the book and the english version in the 2nd half of the book.